Admission Procedure

Admission Procedure

Stress Free Admission

Coming to hospital can be a nerve wrecking experience. To make it easier for you we have provided some guidelines of what to remember when you are booked for a procedure.

To be sure that your stay in hospital is as pleasant as possible we require the following:

Prior to the admission

  • A fully completed admission form 48 hours before your planned admission.
  • This can be obtained from reception, if you haven’t received one from your doctor.
  • There is also an electronic admission form available here for your convenience.
  • You can also download the admission form here, and e-mail it to or fax to 016 454 0640.
  • Have you travelled in the last 21 day? Please complete the Travel Risk Assessment form. This form MUST be handed in upon your arrival.
  • Your medical aid card or proof of membership and the main member’s ID document.
  • If you are not able to visit us in person before your admission you can scan and e-mail or fax your documentation to the above address.
  • If you are not able to scan your medical aid card and ID document with you.
  • An authorization number

Private patients

Private patients are requested to pay a deposit prior to the admission. Deposits are determined by the procedure taking place, estimated theatre time, estimated days for hospitalization, medication, prosthesis etc.

In order for us to calculate a deposit, the doctor has to complete a quotation form and fax it to 016 454 2027. Contact our accounts department at 016 454 6011.

Obtaining authorization

Upon requesting authorization from your medical aid, your medical aid may require the following from you:

  • Your medical aid number
  • Full name, surname and ID number of the principle member
  • Full name, surname and ID number of the patient
  • The initials and surname of the doctor who will be admitting you into hospital
  • The doctor’s practice number (obtainable from doctor’s rooms)
  • The surgical procedure code (obtainable from doctor’s rooms)
  • The ICD 10 codes (obtainable from doctor’s rooms)
  • The hospital you are getting admitted to – Midvaal Private Hospital
  • The hospital’s practice number – 5808898

The medical aid will then inform you if they require any additional information. We are willing to assist in obtaining authorization. Should you be in need of assistance feel free to contact our confirmations department at 016 454 6089.

On the day of admission

On the day of admission please remember to bring the following with:

  • Main member’s ID
  • Medical aid card
  • Relevant X-rays and other appropriate documents
  • List of medication you are taking
  • Pyjamas and toiletries
  • Additional payments not covered by medical aid